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You don't have to be bendy to do yoga

YOGA in nature's way

One of the highlights of 2011 was finding a yoga class that provided a balance of stress relief, vigour and students of varying abilities, with a great teacher (Barbara) with a sense of humour. Because let’s face it, there are certain poses where dignity simply is not an option.

For many years I’ve practiced yoga at home and have always wondered why I don’t take more classes. I’ve certainly attended classes; Iyengar, hatha, ashtanga and in London a surreal one-off tantric class (worthy of its own post). However, I am not naturally bendy and always felt a bit of a sham in a class surrounded by usually younger, more flexible and seemingly (and unrealistically) calm people. Finding a class that felt right was a revelation.

Although classes have been put on hold while I figure out how to fit them into making a living and time with my kids, I am delighted to see Barbara has started a blog. Her first post gives a wonderful overview of Taking Your Yoga Home, while her account of why she started teaching yoga is honest and inspirational.

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