inspire, nurture

It's all about perspective

I recently had to give a presentation. It has been a long time since I’ve given one and while preparing found myself  anxious way and above what was required. As it turned out I ended up having to re-write it an hour or two before presenting…another story. This meant I went in unrehearsed. No-one walked out, there were no complaints and I felt huge relief afterwards.

The weirdest thing was that my to do list, which had previously seemed so dauntingly long, suddenly seemed totally doable. It was simply a matter of perspective.

Light Bulb

However, what this little exercise reminded me was that all the worry and anxiety was in my head and totally unnecessary. If I had instead focused on the interesting stuff I was researching, the wonderful aroma of my coffee, the opportunity to share information, then the process of creating the presentation could have been enjoyable. A form of mindfulness of living in the moment.  The delivery just a blip in time.

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