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93 year old yoga teacher

In the last few weeks the world media has reported two wonderful stories of age defying women. I love these stories. Firstly because positive news makes such as pleasant reprieve from the usual media diet of misery and violence. And second because they smash the stereotype of aging.

The first story was that on 19 May, 73 year old Tamae Watanabe, became the oldest woman to climb Mt Everest. In the process breaking her own record set 10 years prior. What’s even more incredible is that she broke her back in 2005. The disturbing backdrop of this story though is that on the same day Tamae conquered Everest, four other climbers died on their way down. It appears there was a traffic jam of around 300 climbers trying to reach the summit in a window of good weather.

The second story involved 93 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch who continues to teach yoga (and dances a mean Samba), refusing to listen to the advice or her doctor.

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