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Gaining time

Just taking a pause and wondering why the last few weeks have felt more manic than usual. Sure there have been the usual winter ailments, end of term commitments for kids and additional work. However, I suspect the cold weather and short days are to blame. Despite the fact that we have just gained a second, I need more time in my days.

So these are the five steps I’m going to take to gain time:

  1. Avoid Facebook, besides there are only so many photos of overseas friends’ exotic holidays one can take. No better way to feel trapped at the bottom of the world.
  2. Get up earlier: this is especially painful in winter, but I’ll give it a crack.
  3. Cut back on housework: not sure how I can get any more lax on this front but worth a try.
  4. Avoid TV: This is easy, now that TVNZ7 has been axed.
  5. Reduce the number of times I check emails: especially relevant at work.

What have I missed?


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