See and believe skin care

Every day for a number of weeks I have gently patted a Vede & Crede oil onto my face. As I have the sampler pack I have been able to choose a serum to either ‘soothe’, ‘nourish’ or ‘replenish’.  Although each of the serums has been developed for a specific purpose, in all honesty I have been selecting based on smell; rose, jasmine or sandalwood, depending on my mood.

I am always on the look out for products that calm my rosacea,  a condition that plagues me with sensitive skin and flushes when stressed,  hot (or at moments when I least want them!). The Rose soothing serum for mature/sensitive skin has an argan oil base and just disappears into the skin, feels wonderful and doesn’t irritate my skin.

The brainchild of Chrissy Fletcher, Vede & Crede, Latin for “see and believe” is an organic and botanical skincare range made in New Zealand. Chrissy has focused on the highest quality ingredients, sourcing argan and essential oils and perfumes from local communities when possible in Morocco, the Middle East and India.

Delicious products and always inspirational to see a company operating ethically.



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