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For this second time I’ve finished devouring the Good Work guide, Nick Isles search for better ways to do business. Whether you own a business, lead a business or work for a business this book provides a timely look at practices and work cultures that create more sociable organisations and fairer work conditions, and move us away from cost based business models.

Isles explores ways of empowering people, and giving them a voice in the process improving performance and effectiveness. He argues that the laissez faire economic model is fundamentally flawed, as, amongst other things, it doesn’t take into account humans’ love of creating goods and services that benefit others and are not “purely selfish”. Therefore the market needs to expand the concept of efficiency to include benefits for the all players in the community, and for the environment.

We spend a lot of our lives working so it makes sense that the happier we are at work, the bigger the benefits for the individual, the organisation, for families, for communities and the planet.

The book ends with a 10 step plan to good work – step 10 ends with:

” Remember complacency is the enemy of progress.”





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