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5 ways to beat stress and lift your mood

You know those days, when worry and stress gets the better of you. Soon everything seems too hard, loud and annoying. Your once carefree shoulders are spasming under the weight of the world and thought of conversation is akin to the dentist drill.

But don’t despair- there are some quick and easy ways to take back control of your emotions:

1. Breathe – Breathing helps you relax and take in more oxygen. Breathing, like creativity (for many people) becomes a lost art the older we get. Babies are masters. Simply breathe in deeply through your nose so your stomach rises along with your rib cage. Then breathe out slowly. Repeat five times.

2. Smile – Amazing that something so simple is so powerful, with studies indicating people who smile more live longer.

3. Shoulder shrugs – Lift your shoulders up and hold for ten seconds. Release them back down. Repeat whenever you remember throughout the day

4. Take time out  and go for a walk – Head for another room, around the office, to the bathroom if need be. But outside is best and smell the roses!

5. Have a cup of tea – There is a reason people turn to tea. Aside from the relaxing ritual of making the tea, tea is known to have numerous health benefits. Chamomile tea is particularly relaxing, and improves with some honey. Adding sliced ginger to hot water is another excellent pick me up thanks to the potent antioxidant gingerol, which helps remove harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we’re worried and anxious.

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