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NZ Book Month is great excuse to read

It’s NZ Book Month so I’ve been indulging in one of my favourite past times-reading. My reading habits are somewhat eclectic so beside my bed lies an ever changing assortment of books. At the moment there are about 10 that I pick and choose from depending on my mood. An old favourite is Wendy Cope’s quirky poetry collection Serious Concerns, which includes the delightful:


The day he moved out was terrible –

That evening she went through hell.

His absence wasn’t a problem

But the corkscrew had gone as well.

Other pickings include History Professor-writer Deborah Harkness’s fantasy/vampire/witch historical all souls series. Once I’d picked  up the first in the library, Discovery of Witches, I simply couldn’t put it down and I devoured the second as soon as I could get it from the library. It’s had mixed reviews but I enjoyed its characters, rich historical detail and captivating story – pure escapism! Then there’s David Thorne’s irreverant and hilarious, The Internet is a Playground. It either has me weeping with laughter or cringing and wondering if I can bear to read any more. There’a also a couple of green business books and a YA book my son recommended Xisle, by Steve Augarde -and although I haven’t started it I can safely say it’s yet another dystopian fiction worst nightmare-post apocalypse scenario book, currently all the rage amongst young teens.

Anyway -although I shouldn’t need an excuse, it is comforting to know- while lying prone on the couch- that kids need reading role models.

What books are you enjoying?

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