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Finding flow

It’s been a while since I posted. Blame it on a break in the flow. We go through our days, lives, routines, on auto pilot. OK… I go through life at times on autopilot. But sometimes there comes a time when that deep seated discontent stops tapping and starts thumping. When physically the body starts yelping and emotionally each day becomes harder than the next. Change becomes inevitable. The elephant in the room has thrown a tantrum. Perhaps it’s work, money, love or the need to improve your health, but you have to stop and listen.

But we live and work in a noisy world. Needs and wants become confused. Security, the familiar and the status quo become our mantra. Surrounded by information, advertising and conflicting messages, how do you: identify the elephant and figure out how to appease it?

Meditation, so I’m told, is a great start. People I’ve met who regularly practice meditation, whether silently or though chanting, report feeling a deep oasis of calm. A calm they can draw on whenever daily stresses and the demands of work threaten to overwhelm.

So I’ve been experimenting, and my aim is to extend my current, and ridiculously difficult, one minute of sustained wander free mind stillness. The good news is apparently you can feel the benefits from only 10 minutes a day and that can include plugging into a guided meditation while on the train or bus.

I’ve downloaded the following two recommended meditation apps and after trialling will post some feedback.

Simply Being offers guided meditation

Omvana’s  Appears to offer the earth, with tracks ranging from guided meditations and natural sounds to poetry and personal growth tracks.





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