Cool and Calma is devoted to the art of flourishing. It started as a way to collate and share ideas, inspiration and general musings for women seeking a less stressed and more mindful life. No easy feat in a world becoming increasingly frenetic, placing ever greater demands on our time and where levels of anxiety and depression are rising to epidemic proportions. A place where the mantra of consumption and growth is at odds with a planet groaning under the collective pressure on its resources.

For inspiration Cool and Calma looks to people, products, places, organisations, trends, books, art, ideas and thoughts from around the world.  And as we only get one world, we’ll try and focus on ways to look after it on the journey.

Content and communication services

I also support organisations and businesses that care about more than the bottom line, by developing content and communications to help them flourish.

Content and communication services

About Jo Buchan

With a background as a writer, editor, web content specialist, communications consultant, teacher and reading specialist- communication in all its forms is my passion.

I am also passionate about protecting our planet and believe traditional ways of doing business are no longer an option. They need to be sustainable and ethical if future generations are to have a chance.

In my working life I’ve taught in New Zealand, Japan, London and Hong Kong, developed educational guides and courses for businesses and schools, presented at conferences on reading engagement, and written and edited marketing communications and web content for a range of businesses and educational institutions.

When not crafting content or programmes to encourage children (and adults) to read for pleasure, I can be found buried in a book, traipsing through the New Zealand countryside or breathing into yoga.

Contact me if you would like to chat about communication services or are interested in submitting a story or product for review.



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