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Breathe and focus

Keeping focus is essential for some tasks (Santa Barbara, Calif.)—If you think your inability to concentrate is a hopeless condition, think again—and breathe and focus. According to a study by researchers at the UC Santa Barbara, as little as two weeks of mindfulness training can significantly improve reading comprehension, working memory capacity and ability to… Continue reading Breathe and focus

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Stress-busting effect of green spaces stronger on women

This article was originally published on The Conversation and reproduced under Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license. By Elizabeth Richardson, University of Edinburgh A new study sheds light on why natural spaces in cities can help keep us healthy. Researchers found that people living in neighbourhoods with a large amount of green space, such as parks… Continue reading Stress-busting effect of green spaces stronger on women

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Aro Ha wellness retreat

New Zealand has long been known for it’s stunning scenery, world-class golf courses and thrill seeking opportunities. However, less well known nationally and internationally are New Zealand’s luxurious yet ethical wellness resorts. Located throughout the North and South Islands these resorts, lodges and retreats are perfect if you’re seeking relaxation and/ or physical challenges, inspiration,… Continue reading Aro Ha wellness retreat

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Shame and vulnerability

Painful recent events have brought me to delve into important aspects of my life, security, health, love, work, money happiness... and what I found disturbed me. While dealing with some intense emotions which ranged from fear, sadness and anger, I found to my annoyance a negative underlying voice whispering that it's not surprising, as I'm… Continue reading Shame and vulnerability