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Learning for life- and it's free

Hefty course fees may pose a barrier to a degree or other university qualification, but they are no longer a barrier to learning from some of the world's leading educators. The number of online courses has surged. Stanford, MIT and Berkeley are just a few of the universities that have made lectures and courses available… Continue reading Learning for life- and it's free

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How prepared are you for an Emergency?

Driving past Mt. Ngauruhoe, New Zealand's most active volcano, I got to thinking about how vulnerable we are to natural disasters here in Aotearoa. People in Christchurch are unfortunately only well aware of New Zealand's precarious perch on the Pacific Ring of Fire. However, in Auckland, despite our location on a field of 50 volcanoes,… Continue reading How prepared are you for an Emergency?


Reading is exercise for the brain

Reading is good exercise for your brain, according to the results of a study at Stanford. Literary scholar Natalie Phillips led a team in a study exploring the relationship between reading, attention and distraction. The team examined blood flow in the brains of subjects as they read passages from Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park" while inside… Continue reading Reading is exercise for the brain

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Peace through Nonviolent communication

In one of life's weird coincidences, I recently encountered two people in the space of two weeks, who had studied nonviolent communication (NVC). I was intrigued. Apparently NVC is a method of resolving conflict so successful, it has been used in hot spots such as the Balkins and Israel. So, I checked out the website… Continue reading Peace through Nonviolent communication


The Amazings – valuing life experience

A new social enterprise in London allows imminent retirees or people who have retired to share their passions, skills and experience with others via classes and activities. Offerings on the Amazings site range from Tai chi and woodland walks to photography and my favourite; chocolate tastings. Great idea and hope it gets picked up here… Continue reading The Amazings – valuing life experience